About American Glory, Inc. (A.G.)

American Glory, Inc. is a niche flag company with a unique offering. Each flag is expertly hand crafted to US government specifications and made of a sturdy, anodized aluminum material, creating a luminary, upscale showpiece that any American would be proud to own and display. With limitless interior and exterior applications and engraving options, an American Glory flag makes a perfect gift to any customer, client, family member or friend.

A Commemorative American Flag

We have decided to manufacture this unique commemorative product. It embodies the beauty and quality of this great land, and is as long lasting as the pride shown by its people. We felt compelled to create a product that everyone could use to show their patriotism and would be proud to display anytime or anywhere.

Proud to be an American

We are all extremely fortunate to live in a place that gives us the opportunities that this amazing country does. The phrase "God bless America" indicates that He already has blessed us and continues to do so. The unity of the people in this country is at an all time high, and the patriotism shown by Americans continues to grow.



American Glory, Inc.gives back a portion of the proceeds from the sale of our flags to Veterans’ charities.

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